1. Whisper

From the recording Whisper


Girl do you remember on the night that we first met... excuse me, it's a crazy question, how could you forget? December's breeze was blowing when I took you in my arms... and the radiance that flowed between us helped to keep us warm...
(Chorus) Whisper in my ear, 'cause I wanna hear your voice as sweet as birds singing a song... Promise me, tonight you'll squeeze and hold me tight, I want to make love all the night long... When morning brings to end, what evening made begin, you whisper and I'll start over... [again - inserted on vamp only]
I told all my friends that I had no interest in you... yet you had me kissing on you boy before the day was through... It came as a surprise to me, the way you stole my heart... I'd experienced some guys who make a woman stay on guard...
(Short Bridge) I like to share some time with you... and you know that I do!
Baby how wonderful it is to be with you here, face to face... let's put some music on and settle by the fireplace... We'll have a drink or two and talk about some good old times... I'm yours tonight so you may do whatever comes to mind...
(Chorus - Out)
Copyright: 1987 Shaw Sound Creations / "All Rights Reserved"