From the recording I Wanna Be With You


Sometimes I sit and think about you... 'Cause for all you do, you know my love's for you... Every time I ask you out you always say, "no not really, not this time"... But I can't stop thinking 'bout your lovely face...
(Bridge One) It makes me feel crazy, to be strung out over this little lady... My friends are calling me fool, because they think that I have lost my cool...
(Chorus) Wanna' be with you... I do girl, I just wanna' be with you [repeat]
I've been in love before, but not like this... You've got what I want, I can't resist...
(Bridge Two) When you stare at me with those eyes, let's me know that I can't stop until I make you mine... I just want to be your guy, and I'm for real, I ain't telling lies... You possess such class and tact, I'm tryin' to tell you I like it girl, I like it like that... Oh Yes, you stand above the rest... and I've determined you're the best
(Bridge Two - Vamp Out)
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