Music Two

Astrology / Resurrection

A Real Man

J. Crenshaw & N. Bagley


I know that life is full of ups and downs... No wonder why my heart stays on the ground... I cannot stand to be hurt by love again... That's why a quarter after eight, this girl will be out on the case, I'm gonna find myself a man!...

(Bridge One) He won't need a Mercedes... As long as he keeps me pleased!

(Chorus) I Want A Real Man!... I need someone who will take a stand... I Need A Real Man!... I've had enough of holding hands...

Don't want no fast walking - smooth talking - no callin' - macho gigilo type... Don't need a briefcase and a suit, if he's got what it takes to use to keep me satisfied... I need a guy, who'll be as gentle as can be... But most important of all, whether he's short or tall... I need someone who will stand by me...

(Bridge Two) I ain't gonna lie... There's one more thing that's on my mind!...

(Chorus - Out)


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