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Astrology / Resurrection

Astrology / Resurrection
Maurice White


This wonderful musical composition was written by Maurice White and performed by his astounding band... Earth, Wind & Fire! Released as an interlude during the late 1970's, this "finger snapping" piece is known world wide! "Resurrection" decided to include this piece in their "Astrology Reunion Project"... You will enjoy this jazz variation with its' instrumental improvisations, while maintaining the "original melodic texture" Maurice portrayed in the composition... (Recorded under mechanical license # 1135226549)

J. Crenshaw & G. Nealy


Thirty-second Street and Seventh Avenue... Where the high places have a glam'rous view... Leaving out her condo, to the taxi stand... She has a Wall Street Journal in her hand...

(Bridge One) Never looking back, she always moves ahead... She planned this entire day last night before she went to bed... Strictly business but yet stylish she turns heads... The kind of lady that makes a player give up night life to be wed...

(Chorus) The Lady is a World Class Girl [repeat 3]

The cabbie says, "at five I'll come to take you home"... She smiles and says, "By then my friend, I'll be in Rome"... Stops by the office to get things to take along... Then to the airport on her concourse... She's airborne!

(Bridge Two) Would you like to be a World Class Girl?... You have to know, the ways of the world... Don'tcha wanna' be a World Class Girl?... Don'tcha wanna' be a World Class Girl?...



(Bridge One & Two Combo)

(Chorus Out)


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J. Crenshaw & N. Bagley


I know that life is full of ups and downs... No wonder why my heart stays on the ground... I cannot stand to be hurt by love again... That's why a quarter after eight, this girl will be out on the case, I'm gonna find myself a man!...

(Bridge One) He won't need a Mercedes... As long as he keeps me pleased!

(Chorus) I Want A Real Man!... I need someone who will take a stand... I Need A Real Man!... I've had enough of holding hands...

Don't want no fast walking - smooth talking - no callin' - macho gigilo type... Don't need a briefcase and a suit, if he's got what it takes to use to keep me satisfied... I need a guy, who'll be as gentle as can be... But most important of all, whether he's short or tall... I need someone who will stand by me...

(Bridge Two) I ain't gonna lie... There's one more thing that's on my mind!...

(Chorus - Out)


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