Astrology / Resurrection

Sexy Thing

J. Crenshaw / A. Williams / S. Matthews


There she goes... Styling as she walks... Wears the clothes... That makes the fellas talk... So sweet, so fine, I cannot get her off my mind... She's attracting me... Elegance, lots of class, not to mention all that --- I really like her company...

(Bridge One) I never thought about love at first sight... But after running into you girl I just might... I want you to know you turn me on... Would you be offended if I ask, to let me take you home... You Sexy Thing!

(Chorus)You're such a Sexy Thing yeah [repeat]

Ooh your touch... Makes my body chill... You're too much... Whatever you want me to do, I will...

(Bridge Two) When I sit and look into your eyes... Everything else disappears as though I'm hypnotized... You have a voice as soft as it can be... And the loving aire about you baby has got a hold on me... You Sexy Thing



(Bridge One & Two Combo)

(Chorus - Out)


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