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Astrology / Resurrection

Magic City Musicians is a spectacular new website dedicated to the rich history of the Birmingham, Alabama music industry, with emphasis on the bands... Shocked to hear such news?!... Not those of us who are from the "Magic City", also known as "The Ham"!... This metro area is the origin of many greats such as Erskine Hawkins, Eddie Kendricks, Dennis Edwards, Eddie Levert, Diana Ross, Sam Dees, Cleve Eaton, Frederick Knight, Rosetta Johnson and Magic City Musicians' newest web entry, your very own "Astrology", now known as "Resurrection"! Click the link to explore this new website... Click "see the bands" after entering the site, then click on "Astrology" in order to hear tracks, or see information and pictures relating to the group's origin. There is also a recent concert video for your enjoyment! You may also tour other great bands from this "valley of rich tradition"!

"Children of the Stars" Download @ CD Baby

The slamming release "Children of the Stars" is available for digital download right now at CD Baby! It is also available at iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, Nimbit, Verizon, and most other major online music providers! Click the song name tab above this narrative to link, and prepare yourselves!

"Love Moods" Download @ CD Caby

This soulful and sensual love song awaits you for some "old school" listening satisfaction... Click the link, and add this to your collection today!

"World Class Girl" Download @ CD Baby
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